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Walter Christian Mair

Name: Walter Christian Mair
Age: 38 year
Profession: Producer
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Production

Walter Christian Mair, Resume

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General Information

Name: Walter Christian Mair
Age: 38 year
Gender: Male
Profession: Producer
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Production



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Media Psychology in Vienna


About me:
After studying media psychology in Vienna, Walter immediately entered the music production business. Concluding the studies in film music and advertising at the university of applied sciences in Salzburg, he decided to make London his home. Walter produced and composed many advertising clips for major advertising agencies (Saatchi&Saatchi, BBH, etc.). One of his most outstanding projects was to put music to the trailers of "Sin City". This production was a coproduction with director Robert Rodriguez in December 2004. Since summer 2005 Walter Mair has been working as a composer and sounddesigner at Besser Music for advertising and film. In january 2007 he moved back to the UK and established his company in central London.

Television experience

On Air Design
Several Broadcasting Corporations such as MTV-UK, MTV-USA and MTV-Germany.

Composer of several TV movies and Feature Films including "CSI", "Alone in the Dark",etc.

Find some projects at:

Music experience

Music Producer & Composer

Levi's - Bulls, Mercedes Benz - S Class, Motorola - Pebl, BASF, Victoria's Secret,etc.

Film Trailer
Sin City, Wolf Creek, Breaking the Rules, etc.

Movies: CSI, Wolf Creek, Alone in the Dark, Breaking the Rules, etc.

OnAirDesign: MTV Networks - UK & USA.

Recent projects: Additional score for the TV series "CSI". Brandnew ad "Victoria's Secret - What is Sexy" Find some projects at:

Explanations of experiences

Concentration on composition and music production

Credits / Awards

None Available

Excerpts from Reviews or References

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