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Sergey Nikolov

Name: Sergey Nikolov
Age: 45 year
Country: Bulgaria
Category: Performing Arts

Sergey Nikolov, Resume

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General Information

Name: Sergey Nikolov
Age: 45 year
Gender: Male
Country: Bulgaria
Category: Performing Arts

Brief Description of Act or Art form

My Act is Profesional Michael Jackson Impresenaitor
(I am One Man show).My Dance style is Copy 1/1 The show of MJ is Full of Energie and a lot of similare Harakter of MJ,The show is with Full Program Copy Costumes and make up of Michael Jackson.The show is ready to be just put on eny Show programs and for all type Programs.
The show of Michael Jackson is-1x45min or 2x45.I am Not singer,I am Miming into the Voice of MJ.


More than 15 yeahrs in Profesional Show programs in all around the world.
I am Profesional Dancer,Dancing
Modern Jazz Hip-hop Latin .
Finisged Profesiona Dance school In 1991
Finish Hip-Hop Specialization In Germani in 2005
Winer 2008 as a Club dance

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