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Jessica Ann Warner

Name: Jessica Ann Warner
Age: 37 year
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Performing Arts

Jessica Ann Warner, Resume

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General Information

Name: Jessica Ann Warner
Age: 37 year
Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Performing Arts

Brief Description of Act or Art form

Presenter, Creative Director, Artist, Model


No formal training, but extensive CV work experience.

Geographical Restrictions



Television Drama

Further explanations of your experiences

About me:
Hello Hello...I am a fun, sharp, witty character, that enjoys all things Rock and Roll .. Perhaps I feel that instead of churning out the exact same turgid earshit as so many girls my age are obsessed with - being a WAG and all that jazz, I'm forcing on you a re-invention, going against the grain of most personality void ex models. It is impossible to explain the feeling of both shock and excitement when you see a squirrel. And upon a squirrel sighting, it is also impossible not to point it out to the person walking along next to you. Same applies to a fox in the road but not for me, I may not be the hottest girl to rock this casting site but I'm probably the most fun. I am avoiding admitting defeat by turning down work for cellcast and bid up tv in hope that I can somehow freeze time with my charm and get my dream job as a tv personality in music or something equally as brilliant - Some say (my Mum) I am one of the true genius' of our time if that counts? I say: 'book me'

please contact me directly

Credits / Awards

None Available

Excerpts from Reviews or References

None Available


Modeling experience & availability
Artists Model

Parts Modeling

I have worked with
the late Bob Carlos Clarke
Mark Barnfield
Adam Sutherland

Television experience

I have worked with ...
John Noel Management on writing a forth coming tv project.
I am currently working with Princess Productions on a T4 Sunday Project.
I have just finished being on T4 saturday where my video diaries were shown on Homemade with Dave Berry.
I have presented on Big Brother as a panel presenter with Russell Brand.
Presented a dating show for Sky last year
Have been asked to co-host an entertainment show for Fox Television which is in the pilot stage.
I have just worked on an up and coming tv project with Endemol

Dancing experience

I have a reputation in London for dancing like every ones Dad.

Magazine / newspaper experience

I have had my writing recommended in Maxim magazine in 2006 because of my comedy blogs.
I am currently in talks with William Morris about publishing my first book which is very exciting.

Unions and Guilds


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