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Katherine Palk

Name: Katherine Palk
Age: 25 year
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Music - Musicians

Katherine Palk, Resume

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General Information

Name: Katherine Palk
Age: 25 year
Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Music - Musicians




I'm currently at 6 form college doing A levels in performing arts, Physics, Psychology and maths.

I attend a local dance school and am a member of the local youth theatre.



Explanations of experiences

I do lots of singing for charity. I get a solo every year in the local dance show. I'm also being asked to sing more and more at local events. I won a talent show at a holiday park in 2007 and I also got through to the regional finals of Idol UK in 2008.

Credits / Awards

I have several videos uploaded on You Tube, please type in Katherine Palk, the more recent ones are the better ones - particularly 'I Wonder'.

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