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Annette Kasselman

Name: Annette Kasselman
Age: 48 year
Country: South Africa
Category: Fashion - Modelling

Annette Kasselman, Resume

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General Information

Name: Annette Kasselman
Age: 48 year
Gender: Female
Country: South Africa
Category: Fashion - Modelling


Age:48 year
Height:167 cm / 5ft 6in
Hair Color:Bonde
Eye Color:Brown


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Physical details
Height: 167 cm / 5ft 6in
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Brown Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

About me:
I love and live life to the full extent. I firmly believe to make every moment count and that you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give. To the world I might be one person, but to one person I might just be the world. I endeavour to do my best at everything I do and I am a devoted wife and mother. I serve God and live everyday being eternelly thankful for all our blessings and that he saved our lives from a serious car accident. I love to set the little cameleon free in myself and in this business I can do absolutely just that

Modeling experience & availability
Artists Model

Parts Modeling

Various beauty pageants, such as Mrs. South Africa, Mrs. Worldwide and Mrs. World. I believe I'm there to sell the clothes/items that I wear and to present myself carrying the garments to the best of my ability doing so.

Television experience

Games shows, various television interview all over the world. Conducting them as well as being interviewed. Being a former radio DJ and presenter I believe in never having a moment of Dead Air. I'm always ready and thinking on my feet. It is still the dream of my daughter and myself to be television presenters.

Magazine / newspaper experience

Amoungst being editor of a local paper,I've featured in numerous articles and features in magazines and newspapers. I'm sure if you google my name, expecially in South Africa, you will find wide media coverage as well as in America. I'm soon to feature on the cover of the Supermodel magazine and have been on a few covers locally as well. I firmaly believe that when the shoot is being done, I am the one selling the paper/magazine and I have to give it 100%

Credits / Awards

Present Mrs. South Africa
Mrs. Worldwide
Mrs. World

Excerpts from Reviews or References

None provided

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