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Carlos Calderon

Name: Carlos Calderon
Age: 44 year
Country: Mexico
Category: Dramatic Arts

Carlos Calderon, Resume

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General Information

Name: Carlos Calderon
Age: 44 year
Gender: Male
Country: Mexico
Category: Dramatic Arts


-----Adjunto en línea a continuación-----

I am a talented and charismatic actor/host with a dynamite presence,
and I would love the opportunity to be an ongoing asset to your
production company.
I live in Mexico, but of course can travel to your place, and I have on-screen experience both on television and
in movies, have several years
of experience as a spokeman and model (as well as experience as a TV
host, just recently a finish the 1st season of a national tv program
with 1 year of duration), am very comfortable in front of video cameras
and crowds, and am skilled at public speaking, interviewing, cold
reading and improv. I'm classy, charismatic, personable, vibrant,
positive-natured, open, outgoing, motivated,adventurous, love working
with people and find a great deal of passion and joy in the
entertainment field.

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