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McVideos Animation

Company Name: McVideos Animation
Country: United States
Category: Animation


McVideos Animation, Resume

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General Information

Company Name: McVideos Animation
Country: United States
Category: Animation

Principle, Agent or Manager


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Kirk McClelland, graduate of The University of Southern California film school.

Carol McClelland, 25 years experience in design and computer design.

Catlin McClelland, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.


Kirk McClelland: is a Writer, Producer, and Director of documentary, promotional film, and video presentation and has worked over 35 years on Feature Films, National Commercials and Promotional Productions for hundreds of global clients.

Carol McClelland is an Award Winning Graphic Artist.

Catlan McClelland is an accomplished animator, artist, and producer/cameraman/editor.

Explanations of experiences

A Digital Video, Animation, & Multimedia Production Company. We produce Commercials, Video Presentations, Interactive CD/DVD and create Award-winning Animation, Graphics, Flash, PowerPoint, and Website design.

Credits / Awards

The ADDY "Judges Choice Award for Anmimation and Special Effects".

Excerpts from Reviews or References

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