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Open Call Audition

Chat With Like People

Your new website provides a unique ability to chat with others who are seeking a career in the same area as yourself.

This allows you to compare experiences and receive advice from others who are going down the same trail you are.  You may feel there is advice you can give from one of your recent experiences, talking always is beneficial and is especially good when you have a selected audience of like minded individuals.

Click on the button for “Coffee Club” and check in.  You can use your I.D. Number to keep your anonymity for these chats.  In any case if no one is on-line at the moment leave a message to just ‘contact’ you and then you will note that when someone is on-line the ‘contact’ button on your site will light calling you to ‘the Coffee Club’.

Link With Friends

You now have a professionally designed composite site. You can be very proud of your presentation and you would probably like to share it with family and friends.  Just note your URL (you internet address for your site) and send it to your family and friends.  They will be able to see what you have accomplished.

Exchange Ideas

By going into “Coffee Club” you can exchange ideas with others around the world who are in the same boat you are.  Sometimes it can be a great advantage to see how others have created new ideas. We encourage everyone who has a new idea to tell us about it.  If you have an idea how we can improve our service or add something of value which would benefit our audience, please contact us.

Enter Contests

We often will engage in holding contests as a means of allowing different Talents to showcase their abilities.  These contests are normally sponsored by Community spirited entities and/or individuals sometimes by Studio’s, TV stations, Independent Production Companies, Recording Labels and Publishers; the rewards can vary from cash to any other things of value.


Scholarships and Grants are offered by numerous entities all around the world who wish to encourage those entering the ‘Arts’.  We make every effort to stay on top of these offers and make them available to our Talents.  So, whenever possible check the list of Grant Makers and Scholarships that are presently available.  From time to time we take it upon ourselves to enter certain Talents into schemes wherein we believe they may have either the need or the Talent which might be recognized.

Public Relations Opportunities

Everyone in the ‘Arts’ is affected by Public Relations.  You either make the effort to engage in this method of putting yourself forward or you can remain in the closet.  The entire ‘Talent Register’ site is centered around helping you to promote your Talents……this is Public Relations!  Once you have created your site it is available worldwide and has an ability to be translated into 10 languages.  When Open Call Audition or the Talent Register is promoted in the Trade Magazines or in a particular College or University this is promoting you!  When Open Call Audition, the Talent Register or Talent- Quest is mentioned in the Casting News; it is promoting you!

Work on offer

The goal of everyone is to secure work and this is not always easy.  Once you have created the best site possible to promote who you are, and you have properly prepared yourself with the correct educational background, then you are ready to start looking for work.  The most immediate questions are:  Have you joined a union or should you?  Have you secured or are you represented by an Agent or Agency?  Do you have an Artist Manager?

If any of these questions confuse you as to what to do then the first step is to look into your site to Talent-Quest and see if there is an answer there.  Next would be to talk to a Career Councillor at your College or University.  If that doesn’t provide you with the answers it might be best to seek an Artist Manager or Agency to represent you.

Be sure you check our section on “Work on Offer”.

Pro-Active will provide you with a direct method of sending your particulars to a selected audience.  Perhaps this might make life a bit easier.

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